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Artemide Nesso table lamp orange by Giancarlo Mattioli

Product: Nesso table lamp orangee
Brand: Artemide
Designer: Giancarlo Mattioli
Year: 1967
Country: Italy
Dimensions: Ø 54 x h 34 cm
Condition: N/A
Remarks: N/A

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Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli in 1967, the Nesso Table Lamp from Artemide is a design classic. Distinctively modern, the lamp has won several coveted awards for its innovation in both material and form. Made from plastic (ABS resin) Nesso provides both direct and diffused light. Available in solid orange, Nesso is essential for anyone looking for a space age look. Bulb Specifications: 4 x 25W E14 incandescent or 4 x 18W E14 halogen (excluded).


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